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In Florida, a Managing General Agent (MGA) was gearing up to launch a new Habitational program. The challenge was to set up a robust system capable of managing eligibility rules, rating, reporting, and policy issuance—all within a demanding four-month deadline.

Understanding the critical need for a comprehensive solution that matched their timeline, the MGA partnered closely with BindHQ's product teams. This collaboration was crucial, leveraging BindHQ's advanced platform capabilities to rapidly configure and implement the necessary systems for their program. The support from BindHQ included the development of complex eligibility rules, sophisticated rating systems, and the seamless issuance of policies.

The result of this partnership was a successful on-time launch of the Commercial Property program. BindHQ's efficient and comprehensive platform features allowed the MGA to manage their operations effectively from the outset, establishing a strong foundation for their business.


Amidst this success, a representative from the MGA praised the BindHQ team, stating


"BindHQ TEAM you are ROCK STARS! It is extremely refreshing to work with a group of people that are passionate about what they do and are as knowledgeable. We appreciate all your efforts and look forward to continuing working with you! We couldn’t be where we are today without your work ethic."


Background: A Florida-based MGA was set to launch a Commercial Property program but faced the challenge of establishing a robust system for eligibility rules, rating, reporting, and policy issuance.

Challenge: The MGA needed to launch their program within a tight timeframe of just four months, requiring a comprehensive solution that could support all aspects of their operations from day one.

Solution: Collaborating closely with the BindHQ product teams, the MGA utilized the platform’s capabilities to quickly set up their program. BindHQ’s support included the development of eligibility rules, rating systems, and the seamless issuance of policies.

Results: Thanks to the collaborative efforts and the advanced features of BindHQ, the MGA was able to launch their Commercial Property program on schedule. The platform’s efficiency and comprehensive features enabled them to manage their operations effectively, providing a solid foundation for their business right from the start.

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