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Agency Management Systems are synonymous with expensive, clunky and complex IT.  

We created BindHQ to be the antidote to that.

What Makes BindHQ Different?


We use modern technologies, agile processes and user-centered design to drive speed, agility, quality and efficiency into our customers’ underwriting processes.




We're Designed for MGAs & MGUs

When it comes to specialty insurance we know you need a focused, vertical approach to meet the full range of industry requirements and optimize specific industry workflows. BindHQ was founded by software experts and insurance professionals, for insurance professionals.

From built-in compliance reporting and integration with critical third party data sources, to policy issuance & document management, BindHQ is purpose-built for the demands of the specialty insurance industry.

Full service Agency Management System
Full Policy lifecycle supported from Application to Renewals
Supports multiple Lines of Business
Integrated Document Management system
Integrated accounting
All state tax & compliance issues solved
Carrier comparative rater


We're a Cloud Solution

Unlike legacy AMS, still trying to modernize traditional technologies, BindHQ was built from the ground-up to be a modern platform; mobile, cloud-ready and tightly integrated and automated. There’s no trace of complicated, legacy infrastructure hold-backs here. Log on-to BindHQ with single log-on through any web-browser

Work anywhere, any time, any device
Log-in from around the world
Support out-sourced workflow
Windows PC, Mac OSX, Tablets


NO servers required
 NO costly downtime
 NO restrictions on where to work 


We're Software You Want to Use

Our software is obsessively designed for our users. Every product feature, design detail and new function we introduce is intuitive, easy-to-use and above all inherently useful and valuable to the user. We pay constant attention and consideration to every change, every single day; our UX, interface design and content experts help guide each design decision.


 NO more clunky legacy software systems 
 NO duplicative manual data entry
 NO third-party systems required


We help You Drive Revenue Growth

Your insurance programs and products can be seamlessly integrated into BindHQ to transform your responsiveness and improve your close rates.
Quote, Rate, Bind from within existing workflows
Increase your responsiveness
Reduce your speed to bind
Increase your close rates. 


 NO need for endless open windows
 NO restrictions on new insurance innovation

 NO handbrakes on your agency growth


We're an Enterprise Platform

We're enterprise-ready for infinite scalability and security

AWS-based Cloud Platform
Scalable, Secure, Robust
Configure & invest in BindHQ for the long-term
Data protected by 256 Bit Network Encryption, Encryption at Rest 


Market-Leading API & Integrations

Transform how you conduct business and embrace your digital future with our unparalleled APIs & Integrations

Leverage BindHQ's marketing-leading open API 
Open architecture
Seamlessly integrate third party software to BindHQ to improve productivity
G-Suite & Office 365 Single Sign-On & Email integration


Supercharge the performance of your MGA

BindHQ is a full solution provider, engineered for simplicity and designed for team success.


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