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An Integrated Solution for Specialty Insurance

Now you can seamlessly transition from quote to bind
-in one place

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From application to bindable quote in minutes

We are more than just another old-school agency management system with a fresh coat of paint. Our platform was created to fit the exact purposes of one of the largest wholesale MGAs in the industry. As a result, BindHQ functions differently - and impacts your bottom line differently - than any other AMS.
Just like every new employee you bring into your company should enhance your overall profitability, the software you use on a daily basis should support your revenue goals as well. BindHQ is the first AMS that operates as a profit center (rather than an expense) within your MGA.Our team of insurance agency owners, entrepreneurial minds, and software engineers each believe in reducing back-office costs so agencies can allocate resources towards their most lucrative projects, increasing production and becoming more competitive.
Wholesale Insurance Brokers

BindHQ for Wholesalers

Take the leg work out of shopping and comparing quotes on the E&S market. BindHQ lets you digitize your submissions, keep track of your underwriting questions, find competitive quotes and bind business. By combining your CRM, quoting portals, and Agency Management System into one insurance platform, you can easily organize the details for dozens of simultaneous account placements… From any device, anywhere.
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Managing General Agents

BindHQ for MGAs

BindHQ was actually born within an industry-leading wholesale MGA. As a result, BindHQ has focused on delivering features and functionality that help MGAs (like you) drive efficiency in agency operations and streamline workflow management. With our newly minted RapidRate Comparative Specialty Lines Rater, we’re helping you forge new carrier relationships that expand your enterprise and boost your bottom line. Whether you're placing single lines of insurance with one carrier or selling across multiple lines of business, BindHQ is here to power effortless growth.
Managing General Agents
Managing General Underwriters

BindHQ for MGUs &

BindHQ gives you the power to scale your programs faster than ever before - helping you roll out new products within weeks instead of months. Optimized workflows down the value chain enable you to effortlessly amplify your agency’s binding power and streamline your systems to generate an even larger wave of new business without overwhelming your existing staff. BindHQ’s innovative scalable suite of insurance technologies, including our RapidRate Comparative Rater, takes the hassle out of processing policy documents and helps you bind more business in less time.
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Dive Into BindHQ Risk-Free Today

BindHQ is Designed for

Whatever your role in insurance, BindHQ helps to streamline your workflow and accelerate your productivity.
BindHQ puts your needs at the heart of every part of the platform

BindHQ for Producers

When you quote faster, you make more money. It's that simple. Now, you can provide quotes in record time and gain a competitive edge over rival independent and general agents. With BindHQ, you gain instant access to accurate, timely quotes for E & S insurance and other specialty offerings, delivered exactly when your customers want them: Now.
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Finance & Operations

BindHQ Accounting &
Task Management Features

Unlike traditional AMS options, BindHQ's general ledger accounting module is integrated directly into the platform, saving you from the hassle of manual GL entries, miscalculated commissions or aging AR due to inefficient accounting workflows. The second a new policy is bound, every general ledger entry is instantly generated— from revenue to commissions, taxes and fees to surcharges. By automating your accounts receivable and enabling built-in notification systems, you can spend less time on tedious tasks and more time helping your agency thrive.
And for Operations Leaders? BindHQ's Task Management Engine gives your team the power to define and measure tasks agency-wide, ensuring revenue-generating follow-ups, critical binding steps and essential renewal efforts don't slip through the cracks.
Information Technology Leadership

BindHQ for IT Professionals

It’s no secret, outdated insurance technology and company softwares can handicap even the most successful operations, sticking IT teams with an endless to-do list of on-premise procedures. BindHQ is here to change that. Our sophisticated SSO and cloud-based SaaS platform gives insurance producers a chance to work remotely from anywhere in the world with total security, backing you up with on-demand support from our Customer Services team. No more crashed servers, no more late night emergencies. This is insurtech done the modern way.
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Management & Ownership

BindHQ for Owners & Management

We believe in total transparency and accountability. That’s why BindHQ delivers all your most pressing agency stats in real-time. With BindHQ’s dashboard at their disposal, insurance agency owners and managers like you can instantly track producer performance, assess their current standings and formulate new strategies for binding more business.
Most importantly, BindHQ’s all-inclusive offer lets you slash your operating expenses by reducing the need for additional insurance software and in-house tech tools, including costly on-site service and often unreliable service contracts. When you reduce your overall operating expenses, you can start putting more of your revenue where it really belongs: your MGA’s bottom line.
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Highly-rated across independent ratings platforms

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