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Empowering Digital Innovation via an Insurance focused API

BindHQ's API enables digital transformation for Brokers, Wholesalers and MGAs.


Empowering Digital Innovation via an Insurance focused API

BindHQ's API enables digital transformation for Brokers, Wholesalers and MGAs.

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BindHQ Insurance API

Utilize BindHQ's powerful, user-friendly APIs to enhance your insurance offerings, bypassing the need for intensive custom development or intricate system integrations.

Key Benefits

How we can help

Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration

Effortlessly connect your systems with BindHQ's AMS & Policy API to power your own customer experiences.

Increase Efficiency
Increase Efficiency

Automate and accelerate processes with our API for a more productive workflow.

Scalability for Growth
Scalability for Growth

Our API powers businesses just getting started and those transacting hundreds of millions in premium annually.

Data Management
Data Management

Centralize insights with a central view of all your insurance transactions.


How customers use BindHQ’s API

Power Mobile & Embedded Experiences

Create your own mobile or embedded experience and leverage a secure, compliant insurance infrastructure.

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Leverage Secure Infrastructure

We offer a secure and scalable system for your insurance products supporting over $700m in premium for leading E&S Insurance companies.

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One System Of Truth

Centralize disparate platforms into a single source of truth across your organization!

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Bespoke Client Portals & Workflows

Create your own bespoke customer experiences and leverage secure, compliant insurance infrastructure.

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The Opportunity

You should not have to reinvent the wheel to launch an Insurance business.

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Build your own user interfaces to suit your needs. Rely on BindHQ to remain accurate, compliant and track every transaction!

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Centralize disparate systems by pushing quote and policy data into a secure system of truth focused on Property and Casualty Insurance.

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Launch your product on any experience and rely on our core system to store documents, transaction details, customer data and centralize reporting.

Get To Know BindHQ

Agency Management Simplified

Welcome to the 21st Century

Go Beyond Old-School Agency Management

If you’re still operating your insurance brokerage or managing independent agents with in-house servers, outdated software and pricey maintenance contracts... Then it’s time to give your AMS a 21st Century upgrade. Our MGA-approved - and results-proven - cloud-based platform helps you create multiple competitive advantages for your agency by leveraging next-generation solutions for speed from quote to bind, increasing your hit ratio -- and closing more business.

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All-In-One Platform

Say Goodbye to Add-On Modules (and hidden costs)

Traditional Agency Management Systems hinder your team’s workflow by making features “pay to play” - sticking you with hidden fees and surprise expenses. With BindHQ, you get enterprise-ready insurance MGA software designed to be utilized by everyone, from managers to independent agents -- even in-house accountants. Best of all, it’s relatively easy to implement from day one. We help you skip the “switch over” lag time with a built-in migration team that seamlessly integrates your legacy systems, so you can experience cloud-based efficiency fast.

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Our Focus

Simplifying Insurance Distribution

Broker or Rate, Quote, and Bind

Support workflows for your brokerage or your P&C MGA or Program.

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Top Security

SOC-2 Certified and running at 99.9% uptime.

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