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A New Approach To Tired Old Agency Management Systems

What we are and Why we are best.
about bindhq
About BindHQ

We are more than just another old-school agency management system with a fresh coat of paint. Our platform was created to fit the exact purposes of one of the largest wholesale MGAs in the industry. As a result, BindHQ functions differently - and impacts your bottom line differently - than any other AMS.
Just like every new employee you bring into your company should enhance your overall profitability, the software you use on a daily basis should support your revenue goals as well. BindHQ is the first AMS that operates as a profit center (rather than an expense) within your MGA.
Our team of insurance agency owners, entrepreneurial minds, and software engineers each believe in reducing back-office costs so agencies can allocate resources towards their most lucrative projects, increasing production and becoming more competitive.

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Designed with your day in mind

We are dedicated to creating technology that supports your team in everyday work tasks - helping you get more done, with less stress, and make more money in the process. By designing our platform with your needs in mind, we’ve created a tool that can break down technology barriers in the specialty insurance industry and build deeper connections between the people in it.

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Working with BindHQ

Our company operates as an insurtech “think-tank,” enlisting the brightest minds in business, technology and insurance to bridge the gap between seemingly impossible goals and real tangible results.

And if that sounds like your cup of tea? We invited you to explore our start-up’s open positions today.

Why we are best.

Our Values

Boundless Creativity

We believe that lighthearted explorations can yield groundbreaking ideas. Show up, have fun and think big.

Curious Minds

Solving tomorrow’s problems often means thinking one step ahead. At BindHQ, we encourage you to never stop asking new questions and seeking fresh insights.

Bold Accountability

Owning our innovations and inevitable missteps is all a part of our creative process. We take the fear out of accountability and face challenges as a collective team.

Simple Solutions

Complex ideas require simplified solutions that any user can understand. That’s why our products are made to be sophisticated and approachable, no matter what.

Customer First

Our hyper-focus on the customer’s unique needs is the result of our trials in the insurance industry, paving the way for solutions that modern agencies didn’t even know they needed.

Endless Exploration

Innovation is an ongoing journey, not a destination. Together, we embrace new challenges and inspire new ideas on a daily basis.

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