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About Us

BindHQ is a value-driven organization, focused on retaining the sharpest minds in business, technology & insurance.

"The top people in any field love what they do, so we’ve created an environment underpinned by the drivers of intrinsic motivation so we attract, retain and motivate top talent"
Cristian Joe
CEO - Owsy LLC

Our Vision


Vision: To streamline the experience of insurance distribution through smarter software.

Mission: To build a best-in-class agency management software through better software, analytics and service.

Who We Are

♦ Diverse team of superstars
♦ Specialist polyglot developers
♦ Product Ninjas
♦ Marketing Generalists
♦ SaaS sales experts
♦ Support savants

Fully Distributed Team

♦ We operate from more than nine time-zones.
♦ We set our own time schedule
♦ We only attend meetings where we give or receive value
♦ We structure for agility

Our Perks

♦ Generous Employee Stock Option Plan
♦ Flexitime and remote working (of course)
Free laptop & home office allowance
20 days annual vacation
Healthcare reimbursement
Annual away weeks
♦ Annual Conference Allowance
♦ Smart, relaxed team, who love their craft, and each other

Our Values

Have Fun

Keep Smiling and enjoy the team.

Ask Why?

Stay Curious - we solve for the future

Take Ownership.

Take Responsibility for Our Actions.

Keep it Simple

Simple design is rarely simple to execute.

Think like a Customer

Laser-focus on user experience

Enjoy the Journey

It's the shared challenges we face, that defines us. Good days or bad.


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