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At BindHQ, just like your company, the health and well-being of our people (colleagues, clients, and partners) is our priority. 

Here’s our list of recommendations for every business during the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve personally followed them ourselves:

  • Banning all business-related international travel to at risk destinations 
  • Enabling our employees to work from home
  • Providing staff with additional digital tools to adapt to remote working while ensuring continued availability and consistency of our services
  • Ensuring all meetings and training activities are changed to video calls (not face to face) 
  • Transitioning to ACH and electronic payment for monthly service fees where possible.
  • Holding meetings and briefings with our customers via telephone or video calls until further notice. 
  • Actively monitoring our services to ensure we meet our contractual commitments.

We are here for you now, as always, and we pledge to keep you informed as we adapt to new information and our changing environment

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💲 Offsetting now happens automatically 🤖


Now you don't have to offset original and reverse transactions automatically after an edit, BindHQ does it for you! If there are already applied payments manual work is still needed to prevent any unwanted effect.

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