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Evergreen is a multicultural MGA based in Houston, Texas. Along with our peers, we began recognizing the beginnings of a future hard market downturn. Because of this we began planning, looking for ways to buttress company performance. We started with a commitment to map workflows and red-flag our bottlenecks. We then launched a digital transformation to help both our people and our agents evolve.

At the heart of this, our mission critical goal was to find an innovative technological partner to mitigate those bottlenecks, to boost system-wide operational efficiencies. We found that partner in BindHQ. Our decision to move from our legacy on-prem AMS immediately relieved operations across the board – precisely what we were looking for.

Their cloud-based platform was simply a game-changer. One of the largest tangibles has undeniably been the increase in sales we've seen since implementing. With BindHQ's intuitive quote-to-bind automation and powerful sales suite, our underwriters have been able to close more business – in part due to a significantly decreased turnaround time.

In addition, the platform's lean, all-in-one design broke down siloed workspaces, allowing all of our people to better see, understand, and communicate across our internal and external ecosystem. Our collaboration has never been better thanks to the thoughtful combination of integrated tools and features that improved transparency, while helping to eliminate the need for multiple systems – and multiple costs.

                                                           Year over Year Sales, pre and post implementationSales Graph

But perhaps one of the biggest advantages to partnering with BindHQ has been their ongoing responsiveness to our desire for continued platform improvements. A notably larger example was in building a Lloyd’s based bespoke rating, eligibility, and issuance solution – allowing us to better serve our agents.

While our MGA’s integrative journey with BindHQ is not yet complete, we’re thrilled to have our digital transformation continuing alongside our forward thinking partners.


BindHQ is a high-growth insurtech startup with a vision to streamline the experience of insurance distribution through smarter software. We’re a leading agency management system providing the core underlying data architecture for MGAs, MGUs and Wholesalers in the specialty insurance sector

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