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Lead Underwriter
BindHQ solves for the problem of "portal fatigue" and reliability issues I've encountered when multiple systems are meshed together (e.g. Salesforce and AMS360). It's been very convenient having all the essential features I use in a variety of different programs and applications in one central platform.
Josh Taylor
Lead Underwriter
BHQ doesn't have all the bells-and-whistles I'm used to with legacy AMS providers, but they bring a lot to the table when it comes to reliability, ease-of-use, and flexibility. Over the past two years, my team and I have only run into a few small issues - which were quickly resolved with a workaround or prioritized on the product roadmap
Charlie Walder
Director FP&A
It’s well designed and built for production and underwriting functions. The ability to use it across my devices without additional authorization (it’s still secure) has allowed me to be more mobile without having to be chained to a desk in order to quote and bind business.
Teri Whitaker
We looked across the whole sector for a modern platform that can scale with our ambitious MGA - in BindHQ, we found the solution
Jonathan Cross
Head of Sales
It’s been a game-changer as our book continues to grow (switched from AMS360/ImageRight). All departments (production, claims, accounting, etc.) seem to collaborate and work through the platform near seamlessly
Paul Modric
Head of Sales
Head of Compliance
Dealing with state insurance & tax regulators was a regular issue for us in our legacy system - BindHQ takes all the pain away
Sanda Kang
Head of Compliance
Testimonial 2
BindHQ is web-based - you can literally access from anywhere, including your phone. You do not need to log into a specific computer or log into any type of VDI. Time is not wasted on installing updated or new versions on each user's environment.
Katherine Campbell
Director of Operations
skyscraper-view-city-leader-window-frame (1)
I travel a lot either visiting agencies or taking full advantage of the freedom of working remotely. Being able to access BHQ from nearly any device makes it easy to use between devices, whether it be at my home office, on the road or on the slopes!
Andrew Davidson
Underwriter / Producer
handsome-businessman-eyeglasses-is-looking-camera (1)
BindHQ is the most important tool we use on a day-to-day basis. We use it across the entire organization as it is the place where producers, producers in training, assistants, support roles, and management can all access information.
Matt Haushill

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